Stand #UpForSchool

Nepal. Syria. The Philippines. Gaza. Sierra Leone. Just a few places where thousands of children have been forced out of school due to natural disasters or conflicts.

But the world is failing these children: only 1% of all humanitarian aid goes to education - leaving millions of children out of school for years.

School must be a vital part of any emergency response: children must have safe places to play, learn, receive life-saving information and support - and the ability to plan for a better future.

We are calling on world leaders give these children hope, and fund education in emergencies - first, at the Syria Donor's Conference in London in February 2016, by funding our plan to get 1m Syrian refugee children back to school.

Join the movement of over 10 million people standing #UpForSchool and the right of every child to go to school and learn safely.

Sign the #UpForSchool Petition. Act Now.

The Petition

"We, the world's youth, teachers, parents and global citizens appeal to our governments to keep their promise, made at the United Nations in 2000, to ensure all out-of-school children gain their right to education before the end of 2015.

We are standing up to bring an end to the barriers preventing girls and boys from going to school, including forced work and early marriage, conflict and attacks on schools, exploitation and discrimination. All children deserve the opportunity to learn and achieve their potential.

We are #UpForSchool."



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Campaign News

How Steve Nguyen made the inspiring #UpForSchool film


R I S E - made by Vietnamese-American director, writer and producer Steve Nguyen - was premiered at the #UpForSchool Town Hall in New York. We talk to Steve and the Global Youth Ambassadors featured to find out how this inspiring video was made. Full story here.

Petition partners are honoured at Town Hall event

Many of the amazing organoisations who helped us to collect 10 million signatures were recognised at the #UpForSchool Town Hall in New York. See who they were.

Students' messages for new education commission

School students who attended the #UpForSchool Town Hall event wrote messages to world leaders about the importance of education for every child. Their messages were passed to a meeting of the new International Commission on the Financing of Global Education Opportunities. Find out more.

#UpForSchool Town Hall event as it happened

More than 1000 young people, campaigners, celebrities and leaders gathered in New York today to mark the handing-in of 10 million signatures to world leaders. Follow the event in words, pictures and videos.

Shakira delivers 10 million #UpForSchool signatures

She handed a book containing the signatures to United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown in New York. Read more.

Watch the journey of the #UpForSchool Petition book

See how our special orange book - packed with 10 million #UpForSchool signatures - made its way to UN headquarters. Full story here.

Town Hall event marks the Rise of a global movement

The amazing success of the world's biggest education petition will be marked on September 28 at the #UpForSchool Town Hall event - back in New York where it all started. And we've got an amazing new video from Steve Nguyen - watch it here.

The #UpForSchool story so far

As we head into the United Nations General Assembly, we take a look back at the achievements of the petition  and ahead to what can still be achieved.

10 million signatures reached

British public asked to sign #UpForSchool and help Syrian refugees

The plea came from Tom Fletcher, the former UK Ambassador to Lebanon and now Director of Global Strategy for the Global Business Coalition for Education. Find out what he said.

Magnificent Moses helps to collect 75,000 signatures

Moses Owen Browne Jr is one of our Global Youth Ambassadors in Liberia. Find out how he and eight other GYAs in the country managed to collect that phenomenal amount.

Church of Scotland asks congregations to sign #UpForSchool

September 20 is Sign Up Sunday - when churches in Scotland and around the world will have the opportunity to stand in solidarity for every child's right to an education. Read more.

Global Youth Ambassador's 11-day Himalayan trek to collect signatures

Kundan Saun, an A World at School Global Youth Ambassador from India, travelled to remote villages to mobilise support for the campaign. Read more here.

9 million signatures reached

Humble Charity Club in Zimbabwe gets rural children #UpForSchool

The foundation started by university students visited eight schools in Masvingo to spread the message. See some great pictures here.

Shakira uses social media to ask fans to sign up

The Colombian singer-songwriter asked her millions of followers to share the message that every child in every country should be in school and learning. Find out what she did.