We are in the middle of an education emergency:


Over 1 million children are now refugees of Syria. 

These children have lost the home they've known, many, their families and the opportunity to grow and prosper as they struggle to grasp what has just happened to them. They’ve witnessed violence, travelled many miles by foot to escape and must find a new future.

Over the past months, tens of thousands of people have signed the A World at School petition and pledged more than $1 million in support of our plan to get 400,000 Syrian refugee children back to school.

More than 5.5 million people saw our Thunderclap calling on the international community to pledge the money needed to get the plan up and running.

It can be done. Your support has put the issue on the table, the first pledges have been made and pressure is growing for immediate action. We need you to remind world leaders why they have to do something NOW.

Sign the petition and and help put Syrian children back in school in a matter of weeks.


Children trapped in conflict zones are the most neglected and forgotten in the world.

Alongside 15-year twin sisters, Zahra and Amcaltoom Kattoo, there are now over 1 million Syrian child refugees - many of whom are now being denied food, shelter, and, for the vast majority, an education.  

Innocent victims of the Syrian crisis, these children are being denied a childhood that can never be relived.

We call on the international community to support the new plan to provide immediate education for the more than 400,000 Syrian children now exiled in Lebanon.

We demand that word leaders that indicated their support for the plan at the United Nations General Assembly commit the funds urgently needed to provide education for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and to ensure the right to education without borders.



Thank you for supporting call to end the education emergency and get a World at School.