The #SafeSchools Campaign


Globally, there are 80 million children around the world whose education has been disrupted by conflict and natural disasters.

While the number of emergencies has been going up, the funding to get them back into school hasn’t. In fact, it’s been going down.

As a result, millions of children around the world are left out of school for years, left at risk of being married off as children, being trafficked, becoming child labourers, and of extremism.

Last year, A World at School helped secure backing from world leaders on how we can begin to fix this: by the creation of a new platform to fund education in emergencies.

Now, they need to pledge their money to make their commitment a reality - and they can do so at the first ever World Humanitarian Summit, created by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to address the increasing humanitarian crisis.

Sign the petition today: Every child deserves the chance to plan for a better future.

To world leaders: 

Launch a new platform to fund education in emergencies so that children caught up in the next crisis are in a safe school and not at risk of child labour, early marriage, trafficking and extremism.

With your backing the new platform can and must reach at least 20 million children annually within 5 years, with a plan in place to reach every child by 2030.

Children caught up in natural disasters and conflicts need a #SafeSchool.

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